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How to vacation all year long


Have you taken a vacation yet this summer? With the warmer summer weather here in the northern hemisphere, many people travel to see family, friends, or select a destination to visit. Have you ever thought about what would it be like to have the ability to do that all yearlong?

You might be thinking yearlong vacations are reserved for retirees or the uber-wealthy. But what is it about a vacation that is so great? Sometimes we don’t say we’re going on vacation. We say, “We’re getting away.” Getting away? From what?

What people want to do is get away from a schedule, the weekly chores around the house, or a 9-5 job they don’t like. To do that more often would seem to require a lot of money, but it doesn’t. First of all, we can vacation at home – a “staycation” – throughout the year just by deciding we’re going to. This does, however, usually require we give up our constant attention to our mobile devices, computers, and TVs.

What Americans call “getting away for the weekend” my European friends call a “mini-break.” I rather like their term more than ours. I like the idea that we are taking a break, as opposed to getting away from something, as if what we’re leaving is something we don’t care for at all!

Call it what you like but taking a break from our normal routines – even if we love them – is not only recommended, it’s a healthy part of our lives. Entrepreneurs who have created a career out of a love of something are the hardest to convince of this. Why would they need to get away from something they love?

Perspective. Some think tanks use recreation during the workday to facilitate this. Employees are given a situation to consider or a problem to solve. Instead of diving right in, they go out to play – literally! They go shoot hoops, workout, play board games, cards, or some other non-work-related activity. The result?

While they are playing their minds are still digesting their challenge. When they return to work their bodies have produced the exact type of hormones necessary to complete their task.

It may seem counterproductive to separate ourselves from the task at hand, but that’s exactly what we must do. The principle is also true for the metaphysical laws that run the universe. In the practice of spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer) we are putting the universe on notice of what we desire. And what’s the last step of any treatment? RELEASE!

We let go. We take a break from the problem and allow the solution to present itself to us. Are you feeling like you need a break? Take one! It might be a two-week cruise, or it could be as inexpensive as sitting down for a few minutes to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee without the distractions of the day.

Take time for yourself. Regenerate. Revitalize. In doing so, the challenges you have will be far less monumental and easier to overcome.

Terry is speaker, licensed social worker,  and award-winning author.


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