Club Kids rises again

Alice in Clubland recalls Michael Alig – Disco2000 - Limelight


Alice in Clubland, presented recently by Bare Bones Theatre Ensemble, is built around the life of Michael Alig and now defunct clubs Disco2000 and Limelight. Alig was largely responsible for the 90s Club Kid phenomena.

The show had a 4-night run recently at Harrisburg’s JP Lovedraft’s Micro Pub. The Central Voice had interviewed the notorious Alig upon his 2015 release from prison after 17 years and upon his 2017 release from probation, when he faced death threats.

Hanniel Sindelar, costume and set designer for the show, tells Central Voice: “Diving into the world of Disco2000 has been a non-stop adventure; director Caitlin Graci and I really wanted to adhere to an authentic recreation of the club kids world by mashing multiple styles and qualities together, rather than doing something streamlined and editorial.

"The world, costumes, and characters are a smattering of found trash, treasured tailored items, vintage scores, and finger-painted makeup. Alice in Clubland is a Lewis Carroll inspired Lime Light party where anything can happen and surprises lurk around every corner - you're allowed to let your imagination run wild."


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