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Victory Institute's offerings

Is an internship for you?


The Victory Fund, through its affiliated Victory Institute, is accepting applications for summer internships.
The prestigious fellowship and internship programs train and support LGBTQ leaders in public service. Participants could find themselves working in the U.S. Capitol, attending a four-day candidate and campaign training session, or taking advanced leadership training sessions at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
Below is a listing of the internships.

Victory Congressional Internship
We bring outstanding LGBTQ college students to Washington, D.C. for an intensive leadership program that includes a summer internship with an LGBTQ-friendly member of Congress. The program includes a stipend, housing, placement in a congressional internship, travel to/from Washington, D.C., and travel and registration to the International LGBTQ Leaders Conference in December.
Application deadline is February 17.

Victory Congressional Fellowship
We bring an emerging LGBTQ leader to Washington, D.C. for a year-long intensive fellowship that will support the executive director of the LGBT Congressional Equality Caucus, co-chaired by the six openly LGBTQ members of Congress. The program includes travel to/from Washington, D.C., a generous stipend of $30,000 annually; reimbursement for health insurance up to $400 per month; as well as paid registration for the International LGBTQ Leaders Conference in Washington, DC, in December 2018.
Application deadline is March 9.

Victory Empowerment Fellowship
This fellowship is for emerging LGBTQ leaders of color and transgender leaders who seek to expand their campaign skills and policy-making power and be part of a strong cohort of movement leaders from across the country. Fellows will attend our Candidate & Campaign Training and International LGBTQ Leaders Conference, and participate in a year-long mentorship program.
Application deadline is March 2

Bohnett Leaders Fellowship
Designed for senior-level executives working with state and local governments — including government officials and elected officeholders — this intensive, three-week Executive Education program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Massachusetts hones skills and furthers the leadership potential of accomplished individuals from across the United States. Sessions are held in June and July.
Application deadline is March 31.