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exhibit at hbg art assoc. through mar 28

Escape with the images of Wanderlust


The Art Association of Harrisburg will exhibit Wanderlust, a solo exhibition featuring photographs by Billy Hicks until March 28.

While some may consider Hicks’ work travel photography - and they would not be entirely wrong for that - Hicks’ body of work brings a quality that far exceeds the boundaries of pure documentation. At the core of travel photography, the images allow the viewer to mentally and emotionally escape, to immerse themselves in a new experience, land or lifestyle. Hicks’ effortlessly gifts this escape to the viewer in his various series from Asia, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and even night scenes of the sky.

However, the magic of his photographs are found in Hicks’ ability to not simply visually translate a new experience, but rather, make the viewer feel as though these photographs are his/her own journey. The color palette, compositions, and play between public and intimate depth of field, gives the viewer the sense that these images are somehow his/her own memories. In effect this causes the viewer to escape twice over: first, to a new land; and second, into the metaphorical shoes of Hicks himself.

Hicks said,  "I’m not always great with words, so this show is a way for me to tell the stories about my travels around the world through the photographs I’ve captured. The phrase 'Wanderlust' means a strong desire or need to explore, and over the past five years it has really come to define my existence.

"The photos in this show are meant to tell the stories of people I’ve met, places I’ve experienced, and nights I’ve spent gazing up at the infinite stars in the sky.

"Half of this show will consist of photos from my backpacking journeys overseas; months away from home trekking through Asia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.  The other half will consist of more local and familiar journeys that take place in the dead of night when the world transforms into a different place, and lights and colors take on a life of their own.

"Each photograph is meant to serve as an escape - to take the viewer on an adventure into our very beautiful world, as seen through my eyes."