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I'm Geraldine - the Betty White of felines

Won't you be my dream?


March Madness is history and all of the major holidays are over for a while, so time to consider life with a sweet senior friend like me Geraldine!

I'm sort of the Betty White of felines! Who doesn't love Betty? At first glance I might seem somber, but once I earn your trust I'm sweet, likable, funny, and a bit quirky. I look and act younger than my age, like the "Golden Girls"! GERaldine does not mean GERiatric!My cage sometimes feels like a retirement home, so I enjoy going to the playroom to chase the laser pointer. I love skritchies and scratchies on my head, neck, and chin.

A relaxing grooming session turns me into kitty joypaws! My box is my security, like a child and their favorite blankie, so sometimes it takes a few minutes for me to climb out and interact with people. With patience, my reluctance to come out will turn to purrs, love blinks, and happy tails.If you scratch the surface you will be pleasingly surprised at the gem that lies beneath!

I do have some minor medical issues, no major deal. You can inquire about those with the staff here at HSHA. Kitten season is coming and people will want to adopt the cute little furballs, but I'm hoping someone will see this elder cat and give her a chance to live her golden years in security, comfort, and loving arms. Love does not keep track of years!

You're never too old to dream a new dream, so I'll just keep dreaming of a kind and caring new family who'll be hopelessly devoted to me!

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