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I'm Scratch - the 'A-CAT-emy Award Tuxedo cat!'

Won't you be my friend?


Hi everyone! I'm Scratch! Look at my tuxedo! Worthy of wearing to the Oscars!

Speaking of movies, I look and act a bit like Figaro, Gepetto's kitty companion in Pinocchio. I'm attention-seeking, frisky, playful, animated, and provide lots of comic relief! When you walk by my cage I often stick my paw through the bars and try to catch you!

As you can see, I am crazy about toys and have earned my "Black Belt" in playing, jumping, and flipping!

I've been hanging out here for a while and am not exactly fond of the accommodations, so sometimes I get a little cranky in my cage, but take me to the playroom and I'm a black and white ball of hysterics!

I have a black dot on each of my front paws that is really unique--like me! Hey, what did the cat say when he lost all his money? "I'm PAW". Ha ha, just thought I'd throw in a joke, since I'm such a prankster!

Now, I prefer chasing mice to cuddling right now, but once I am familiar with you, I will have no shortage of affection and loyalty to offer. So please come visit HSHA and ask to meet Scratch, the A-CAT-emy Award Tuxedo cat!

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