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Take Metis home

Won't you be my friend?


Who IS that handsome orange gentleman? Why it's me, Metis!

I've been described as "The Clark Gable of Cats" because I am so suave and good-looking, but Morris the Cat is actually more my style. Could I be the new face of 9Lives cat food? I can see my face on coffee mugs! T-shirts! Ties! Lunchboxes! I could ride around in a purrrple FURRari sports car! OK, maybe not, but I'm a big softie who loves warm-blooded furniture (laps), boxes, laundry baskets, cat cubes, and wand toys.

I am a Goodwill Ambassador--I make friends with everyone! Yep, "You've got a friend in me"! I'm CATegorized as a Senior, but this creamsicle kitty is truly young at heart! Hear those "good vibrations"? The decibel level of my purring must be way over the normal 25 db's! So are you ready for some giggles? Nose kisses that tickle? A big loving gentle heart? A pet who will change "coming home to an empty house" to "coming home to warmth, love, and leg rubs"? I long to see the sunshine again, watch the birds, and have a family who thinks I'm worthy to be loved and adored(and famous!).

So swing by HSHA and ask to meet Metis, the next face of 9Lives! Tell them you are a personal fan of mine and won't leave without my paw-tograph! I'll be waiting patiently for you! "After all...tomorrow is another day!"(That's a quote by Scarlett O'HAIRa from that old movie Gone with the Wind). If you adopt me, I'll be "Gone with the Wind" and this cage won't be my home any more! Please, can I share a home with YOU?

Click here to open your heart and home.