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Salute to Gov. Wolf

Why we need PA Commission on LGBTQ affairs


Gov. Tom Wolf is to be commended for creating the nation’s first statewide Commission on LGBTQ Affairs last August.

Why is such a commission needed? LGBTQ communities around the state are often unaware of what is going on in the various other regions in Pennsylvania. Being aware of what is going on elsewhere may help regions formulate their own strategies, or tap into resources that they might not have been aware of.

I believe that probably most LGBTQ organizations and resources would like to improve their connections with non-LGBTQ resources and systems in their own geographic community, so being able to compare notes with other regions would be helpful.

In addition, by having so many different regions of the state represented, that may make it clearer which regions currently do not have adequate resources for LGBTQ people. We can then begin to develop methods and resources to address those shortcomings.

We can hopefully strategize and coordinate efforts to pass anti-discrimination and other needed legislation on the state level that Pennsylvania has lacked for too long.

Having a statewide LGBTQ resource directory and also a calendar of major events would also be worthy tasks to take on.