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Making Sense of Life

Which button will you push?


By Dr. Terry Drew Kaaren


Which button will you push?

Have you ever been to one of those luxury, rooftop cocktail lounges or restaurants? The top floor at the Marriott in San Francisco near the Moscone Center has one of my favorite views of the City.

The hotel has an express elevator that takes you directly to the top. You can also take an elevator that will stop at the room floors, eventually getting you to your destination at the top.

Which would you choose, the express or the other one?

The answer seems obvious. But are we as clear in our daily life choices on how we plan to get where we want to go? Or, if we are focused, what happens if the process isn’t what we expected?

In the November 28th vlog episode of “Making Sense of Life” I spoke at length about the HOW in our lives, and why HOW isn’t important.

The reason for this is that Divine Mind always has a better idea of the way our desires will manifest. If you’re in a hurry to get to an appointment and the building elevator stops at nearly every floor – did I mention the appointment was on the 37th floor? – you might be more than a little annoyed.

But what if – just what if – that man or woman of your dreams happened upon your gaze on the 18th floor? Heck, you might be engaged before you even get to your appointment!

It’s been said that life is about the journey more than the destination. All the events which have occurred in our lives each had a part – big or small – in getting us to where we are today. The next time you’re fretting about the process, press the button you expect to get you where you’re going.

Then sit back, enjoy the ride, and be amazed at the journey!

Terry is an author, speaker, licensed social worker and flight attendant. He is also the director of Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation (spiritmindbodyfoundation.org).