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Notes from our readers

Posted 6/13/17

I always enjoy reading Central Voice.

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Notes from our readers


I always enjoy reading Central Voice.

Ted Sickler, Board of Directors, LGBT Center of Central PA.


Our Equality Fest Guide looks AMAZING!!!!!! You all work absolutely wonders! Thanks so much for the important and top notch work that you do.

Carla Christopher, Executive Board Member, York Equality Fest


Thank you for being interested in our story and for your own activism in Pennsylvania all these years.

Jennifer Williams, Transgender CPAC attendee (Giving a voice to all stories is the goal of journalism.)


Frank, you never fail to display so much sensitivity, intelligence and consideration in all you do. You inspire many of us with your thoughtfulness.

A media colleague, Washington, DC


Just wanted to thank you for doing the story about the Animal Advocates (March-April 2017). We can't wait to start tabling again this spring and will definitely be at York’s Equality Fest again.

Adrienne, Animal Advocates of South Central PA


Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on regulations for transgender school students.

Julie Berry, Board of Directors,TransCentralPA