but the LGBT community isn’t buying

Trump peddling rainbow tees all he wants


Because 2019 is doing the most, it brings us no pleasure to report that Donald Trump has new LGBTQ+ merch out.

As the LGBT news site NewNowNext was the first to report, visitors to the president’s website have the option of purchasing a “Make America Great Again” t-shirt in which the typeface is printed in rainbow-colored font. The shirts are available in both men and women’s sizes — because Trump loves that gender binary — and retail for $25. 

“Show your support for the LGBT community and the 45th President with this exclusive Make America Great Again Pride T-Shirt,” the description for the shirt reads. 

While the White House may have removed mentions of LGBT people from its webpage within hours of Trump taking office, blocked trans people from serving in the military, and greenlit anti-LGBTQ+ workplace discrimination, this isn’t the first time the president has tried to profit off the LGBT community. 

As we edged closer to Pride month earlier this year — as well as the 50th anniversary of the pivotal Stonewall Uprising — the president began selling “LGBTQ for Trump” t-shirts to ramp up support for his 2020 reelection campaign. The paraphernalia, which was marked as “on sale” for $24, was met with heavy backlash from LGBTQ+ community leaders, civil rights activists, and equality organizations such as GLAAD. 

“Trump — who banned trans troops, is against LGBT employment protections, wants ppl to be able to turn away LGBT customers, & is denying citizenship to kids of US gay couples born out of wedlock — is selling LGBTQ for Trump shirts for Pride,” tweeted David Mack, deputy director of breaking news at BuzzFeed.

It’s unclear why the president is hocking Pride t-shirts in December — six months too late, y’all — but if he’s trying to boost support among LGBT people, it likely won’t work. A landmark poll of likely voters in the 2020 Democratic primaries conducted by Out and YouGov found that found 93% of respondents disapproved of his presidency, while 89% believe that he should be removed from office amid the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

Trump can keep peddling rainbow tees all he wants, but the LGBT community isn’t buying.


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