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Town hall meeting in York


Officials of Put People First! PA announced a town hall meeting is scheduled in York on Sept. 5.

Carla Christopher, PPF PA Regional Field Coordinator, said the 6 p.m. meeting is one of several town hall gatherings scheduled throughout the state in partnership with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

The meeting will be held in the Martin Memorial Library at 159 E. Market St.

Pennsylvania's insurance department, Christopher explained, regulates the Affordable Care Act and Marketplace and small group/small employer health insurance plans. Areas of the state are divided into “rating areas” by the department. Each area includes a handful of counties is covered by one or more insurance companies.

Last year, the average rate increase for Pennsylvania was 32.5%. Every spring, insurance companies submit their rate requests for review, a process which extends through the summer into the fall. Video of the hearing is available by clicikng HERE.

“Although insurers have requested smaller increases this year - an average of 8.8% - that could change if Trumpcare is ever passed,” Christopher claimed. She added PPF PA has been encouraging the department to become more transparent and accountable in its regulation of insurance rates.

“Last year, along with many partners, we organized for and were successful in winning the first public hearing on rising rates since the implementation of the ACA,” Christopher said. Video of the hearing is available by clicking<