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Take Bostyn home

Ready to be your 'glamour puss'

Hi! The little lady in those pictures is me--Bostyn! People say I look like Grumpy Cat! Well, there may be a slight resemblance, but my face is not smushed in and I think I'm WAY prettier than her! Can't you just see me in a diamond collar? There are lots of copycats out there trying to steal my look, but I am an HSHA original! I'm crazy about being petted and I roll over and over to let you massage my pretty tummy. I've also been known to share a kiss or two! My cage is my comfort zone, so I am uncomfortable being taken out. If you meet me you can just pet me in here. Sorry, but unlike Grumpy Cat, I just wasn't born for the spotlight! In my own time, I will venture out and explore, but I've been here almost a year and the outside world is a bit intimidating to me. With the right amount of time and patience, I will get over that fear and shine like a celebrity cat! I might not be nominated for the Golden Kitty Award, but I have a HEART of gold! I am ready to be someone's glamour puss and share the love I have inside. Who knows? If you post a few pictures of me, I could become your own social media darling! Click here to open your heart and home.