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Rep. Brian Sims called out homophobes

PA lawmaker banned then reinstated by Facebook


Nick Duffy reports for Pink News that PA State Rep. Brian Sims was banned, then reinstated on Facebook after calling out homophobic message he received.

Sims has sat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives since 2012, when he became the first openly gay legislator elected in the state’s history, and has championed LGBT+ rights in the state.

The politician was banned from Facebook on Wed., Jan. 16, with the lawmaker discovering his official page had been restricted for violating hate speech rules.

The post that got Sims banned from the platform included a screenshot of an abusive public message that he received on the platform, reading: “You get out faggot.”

Sharing the message from user Jill Freb, Sims quipped: “Good morning, Baaaaltimoooore! Anyone know my new friend Jill?”

Noting that the homophobic message came from a user who had prominently advertised their religion on their profile, Sims added: “The Venn Diagram of people who call me a faggot, and people who self-identify as ‘Christian,’ is just a single circle. Christians, why is that?”

The social media giant only acted to unban Sims after he and a number of journalists raised the issue directly with Facebook employees.