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Take Jou Jou home

I'm the little lady for you


My name is Jou Jou, which means "magical object" in some African cultures. Why am I so magical? Well, first of all, I'm a female orange tabby, and that's rare. (Most orange tabbies are male...it's an X chromosome thing).

Second, I have one eye. When arrived here in July I was in that condition and I was a stray, so it's a mystery as to what happened to my left eye. Since I'm young (born in January), it's not a problem for me at all, and I'll grow up just fine without it.

Third, I'm allergic to almost all cat litter brands. OK, maybe that's not so magical. I need to have Feline Pine Litter. It's the only one that doesn't make me break out in hives.

If you can meet my special litter needs, then I'll be a playful, energetic, and curious little lady for you. I love wand toys, getting under things, leaping on to counters and ledges, and exploring.

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