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Take Bjorn home

I'm a gorgeous gray tabby

My name is Bjorn, and the first thing to know about me is that I need to be the only cat in your home. I just don't get along with my own kind. I was a stray, and it's hard to say what led to my decision to not like other kitties. Oh well -- that just means I'll be your dedicated solo feline. I'm not much of a lap cat, and I'm slow to warm up to petting. Once I'm comfortable, however, I like to have my head patted, and I love laser toys and wand toys. My favorite thing at the shelter is when my human friends turn off the lights in my cat condo and I get to chase the laser pointer in the dark. I'm such a brave hunter! I was born in 2016, so I'm still full of young adult energy. I weight just over eight pounds, and I'm a gorgeous gray tabby. Stop by to watch me play on all my cat trees and in all my carpeted tunnels, then take me home! Click here to open your heart and home.