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Take Nurse Shark home

I'm a great catch!


WARNING! A shark has been spotted at the shelter! Nurse Shark the cat, that is! I have NO characteristics of a shark, except some sharp teeth!

Speaking of fish, I am called a MACKEREL tabby because the pattern of my stripes resembles the skeleton of a fish. Cool, huh? Otherwise, I am quiet, unassuming, and undemanding. I am affectionate, but not clingy, and would enjoy curling up next to you on a cushy couch or chair. I can be active and in full play mode or snuggly and cuddlesome. I purr with pleasure at a little TLC and will knead and paw to tell you that I cherish you!

I've been here about five months and don't understand why most people walk by my cage. I guess I tend to get lost in the "sea" of other gray and back tabby cats who live here with me. I have been waiting for that special day when someone will see my potential to be a dedicated companion and faithful feline friend. I'd meow "Holy Mackerel!" if you would consider adopting me! I will be a great "catch"!

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