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Open your heart and home to Hanna Banana

I will give kisses and rubs


It's that time of year again! Kittens are in the air stealing the show, and most people want those wide-eyed, spunky little furballs!

But maybe you can expand your circle of compassion and adopt this wide-eyed adorable SENIOR cat.

Hi, I'm Hanna Banana, as sweet as a banana split and as loving as they come! I'm not old, I'm Chronologically-Gifted! You don't need to entertain me, although I still like giving the wand toys a good whack or two. I love chasing the laser pointer and have a surprising measure of stamina for my age.

Yes, I'm an old chick with kick! But first and foremost I'm a mellow lap-lounger content with the simple things in life, like warm cuddles, good eats, and a sunny spot to nap. I will give kisses and rubs to show my eternal gratefulness for your love and care.

I have no medical issues and am in good health for my age. I came in with my sister, Laisy Daisy, so you could adopt us together! You see, we had a home most of our lives, but our owner couldn't care for us anymore and brought us here.

So if you would like a kitty (or two) who lives life in the slow lane, please come in to meet me(and maybe Daisy?)soon! I am retired--not expired! My motto? LIVE, LAUGH, LOAF!

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