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Take Grimsby home

I give the BEST kitty hugs

Grimsby, cool name, huh? It is a seaport town in England and a song by Elton John! Well, I AM waiting for my ship to come in! I am a gentle, warmhearted, marmalade love-bug who gives the BEST kitty hugs. I put my paws on your shoulders and rub my face against yours! I have an affinity for hiding in cat cubes, boxes and bags--If it fits, I sits! They say I'm 13 years old, but that must have been in one of my other 9 lives because I play like a kitten and still have lots of moxie! I've been here for what seems like FUREVER in cat time, so a loving comfortable home where I can spend my Golden years would make my mammoth heart burst with joy! I will need to be your feline in the home. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (or today)? You will if you stop by and spend some time with me soon! XOXO, Grimsby Click here to open your heart and home.