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How many examples do you need?

'I am tired of the double standards'


This is by no means an approval of the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, if he is guilty as alleged then he should step aside.   

However, I am just a bit tired of one political party always seemingly getting a pass. 

Conservative politicians can be serial womanizers, rapists, former Wizards of the KKK and just about everything abhorrent under the sun and nothing seems to happen. 

The level of alarm over Colin Kaepernick calling out the inequities in the justice system in contrast to the racism of Iowa Republican Steve King is an example. 

Colin Kaepernick is out of work, Steve King got a wrist slap but he is still in Congress. 

Oh yeah, and Al Franken is out, yet #45, and Brett Kavanaugh are in!

Oh, and now some Right-wing website has launched a #MeToo thing against Northam’s possible successor, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax.  

How many examples do you need?

I am tired of double standards, everyone must be held to account for their actions.

Carroll is a Central Voice reader and a regular editorial contributor. Although involved in many LGBT and other efforts, her comments reflect her personal thoughts and do not represent any organization.