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Look for group at Pride Fest July 28

Human rights campaign launched


“We want people to vote for pro-equality candidates, regardless of their political affiliation,” Allison Vankuikan tells Central Voice. Vankuikan is part of the Human Rights Campaign’s effort in Pennsylvania.

The effort was kicked off at a late-May meeting hosted by the LGBT Center of Central PA that drew 30+ people.

HRC advocates stirred up 29 events during June, traditionally known as Pride Month and will host a booth at Central PA Pride Festival on July 28.

HRC plans an organizing campaign with several layers.

Vankuikan explains that, like all voters, there are distinct patterns when it comes to voting habits.

“Some LGBT voters never miss, Vankikan notes. "Others vote only in Presidential delegtions. Some aren’t even registered to vote.” HRC wants to turn that around in Pennsylvania.

“Visibility events are at the top of our list,” Vankuikan says. So are more focused efforts like “phone banks, or texting potential voters”. The point is “equality is a bi-partisan issue”.

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