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open your heart and home to Sunstra

Hopefully I'll catch your heart!

Hi, I'm Sunstra, and I'm not your average black cat! I was the star of the show "Sunny the Mouse Slayer"! Me and my cohorts, the Slayerettes, battled the natural forces of evil by hunting those pesky rodents of doom that lurk in the shadows. The show was popular for many seasons, but then it was canceled when other shows like "Kitten Survivor" and "Cats Gone Viral" were aired. It was tiring being in the spotlight, always being followed by the paparazzi, but now I've found myself watching "Game of Homes" because I am homeless. In real life, I am SUPER sweet, always affectionate, and cuddly cute, especially with my pink tongue that sometimes sticks out! I have an unusual beautiful black/brown coat that is unique. I love playing with the wand mouse toy since it reminds me of my former mouse hunting days. I love to be held and reassured that I am loved for who I am, not just because I was famous. That cloudy spot on my left eye? No problem at all, just left over from the time I refused to use a stunt cat! My vision is still laser sharp. Now, I am FIV positive, but that's not a problem either. I am still energetic, healthy, and will live a long life with proper care. The staff will gladly inform you about FIV if you want more information. My costars Drew Hairymore and Fleas Witherspoon have forever homes, but I'm still waiting patiently for mine. So would you consider adopting this former star kitty who just wants an ordinary life with an extraordinarily loving family? A sunny window, a soft chair, a few stuffed mice, lots of petting--I'll return the favor with purrs, leg rubs, and I just might catch a mouse or two for you! No mice? Then hopefully I'll catch your heart! Click here to open your heart and home.