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Lancaster Attorney- ally to LGBT community

Honored with GLBT Public Policy Award


The Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA)'s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Rights Committee on May 16 will present the 2019 David M. Rosenblum GLBT Public Policy Award to Sharon R. López.

The award honors individuals who have effected change resulting in a positive impact for the LGBT community and who have used their position of leadership to inspire others to act and promote civil rights and equality.

López is Immediate Past President of the PBA and a partner in Lancaster’s Triquetra Law. An ally of the LGBT community, She is being honored for being unapologetically vocal about her support of the LGBT community and being a tireless advocate for equality. She also advocated moving forward with PBA’s marriage equality resolution. Her efforts also influenced the creation of the committee’s Transgender Name Change Task Force addressing name change rules for transgender persons and how to better protect one’s privacy when going through the process.

In addition to being a member of the PBA GLBT Rights Committee, López is a co-chair of the PBA Minority Bar Committee, former co-chair of the PBA Membership Development and Civil & Equal Rights committees and a member of the Commission on Women in the Profession. 

López served as the first editor of Open Court, the GLBT Committee’s newsletter. She is the first editor of Houston’s Legacy, the Minority Bar Committee’s newsletter. López also serves on the PBA Diversity Team and has served on the Judicial Evaluation Commission. She is a member of the PBA Civil Litigation, Labor & Employment Law, and Solo and Small Firm Practice sections.

She served on the boards of directors of Family Service, Community Hospital of Lancaster and the YWCA of Lancaster, serving as chair of its Racial Justice Committee. She is a founding board member of the Lancaster AIDS Project, which later merged with SCAAN (South Central AIDS Assistance Network) to form AIDS Community Alliance.

Rosenblum, after whom the award is named, was active member of the PBA GLBT Rights Committee and a staunch proponent of civil rights. He passed away suddenly in 2014. He was a driving force behind the report, “How Marriage Counts: 572 Ways Marriage Counts in Pennsylvania,” a joint publication of the PBA GLBT Rights Committee, the Mazzoni Center, where he was legal director, and Dechert LLP.

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