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Homophobic anti-marriage equality material surfaces in postal survey campaign

Advocates call on prime minister to condemn materials labelling homosexuality a ‘curse of death’ and urging Australians to ‘stop the fags’ Materials labelling homosexuality a “curse of death” and claiming 92% of children of gay parents suffer abuse have surfaced in two separate incidents of homophobic campaigns against same-sex marriage. Advocates have condemned the material, which included a poster urging Australians to “stop the fags” in Melbourne and a leaflet printed in English and Mandarin found in Hurstville, Sydney. Related: Think of the kids: why marriage equality opponents are wrong on parenting Spotted in Melbourne - Heffernan Lane. How is this for a unity moment? @TurnbullMalcolm @cityofmelbourne @AdamBandt @VicGovAu @abcnews Some of the marriage equality "respectful debate" in the letterboxes of Hurstville this morning. Content warning on this, LGBT friends x Related: Abbott insists marriage equality threat to religious freedom after Brandis calls it a ‘trick’ Continue reading...