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Take Bravura home

Heal my broken heart

I'm Bravura, a shiny, sleek, raven-haired beauty with a low-key personality and laid-back lifestyle. If I was human I would chill on the couch and read a good book, probably The Cat in the Hat or CATcher in the Rye! Or I would watch a good flick, like Puss in Boots or Garfield. I do dart after the laser toy, and I stalk shoelaces or long wand toys, but I'm not a high-octane cat. I would rather investigate the nooks and crannies of the playroom or hide in a box, paper grocery bag, or play cube. My family moved and did not take me along, leaving me here, heartbroken. Could you be the one to put the pieces back together for me? Would you dare to care for a low-maintenance kitkat who just wants a comfortable home and a true blue companion or two? Stop by the shelter to visit me and hopefully I'll meet your fancy! Click here to open your heart and home.