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Non-fiction picks for you

Ease into autumn with these books


Our focus is about titles available at the lDauphin Co. Lbrary that help to better connect with those in our community, whether it be family, friends or acquaintances.  Remember, the Dauphin County Library System is a great place to start your journey for great reading.

Becoming an Ally to the Gender-Expansive Child:  A Guide For Parents and Carers, by Anna Bianchi.

"For anyone eager to understand their child's gender experience, or to learn how best to accept, support and protect them, this book will provide knowledge, reassurance and the confidence to do so." — (Provided by publisher)

The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads: Everything You Need to Know About LGBTQ Parenting But Are (Mostly) Afraid to Ask, by Eric Rosswood.

Bestselling author Eric Rosswood covers every aspect of fatherhood for gay men in this essential guide to growing your family in the post-DOMA era. . .Unlike other parenting books, this covers topics like how to find LGBT friendly pediatricians, how to find LGBT friendly schools, how to childproof your home with style, how to answer awkward and prying questions about your family from strangers, examples for what two-dad families can do on Mother's Day, and much more.  The book also includes parenting tips and advice from pediatricians, school educators, lawyers, and other same-sex parents.”–(Adapted from the publisher)


A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couplesby Frederick Hertz and Emily Doskow.

 This edition was published in 2018 and provides the latest on same-sex marriage and parentage laws.  "This plain-English guide shows you how to: have and raise children through adoption, donors, surrogacy, or foster parenting; jointly buy a house or other property; make decisions about living together, marrying, or registering as legal partners; make a will or living trust; make medical decisions for each other if needed; and deal with the end of a relationship.” (From the publisher)


No House To Call My Home: Love, Family, and Other Transgressions , by Ryan Berg.

“Underemployed and directionless, Ryan Berg took a job in a group home for disowned and homeless LGBTQ teenagers.  His job was to help these teens discover their self worth, get them back on their feet, earn high school degrees, and find jobs.  But he had no idea how difficult it would be, and the complexities that were involved with coaxing them away from dangerous sex work and cycles of drug and alcohol abuse, and helping them heal from years of abandonment and abuse." — (Provided by publisher)

Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, by Robert Rodi and Laura Ross.

Geared for teens, it discusses different sexual orientations and gender identities while tracing the nature versus nurture debate over same-sex attraction and gender identity. (Adapted from the publisher)

The ABC’s of LGBT, by Ashley Mardell

“We live in a post-binary world where gender fluency, awareness and acceptance of how people identify is essential.  Ashley Mardell, a trusted voice on YouTube, looks at all things LGBT+.  Mardell's book, filled with in-depth definitions and personal anecdotes, is proof it does get better every day in a world where people are empowered by information and understanding.  As Mardell says, 'Learning about new identities broadens our understanding of humanity, heightens our empathy, and allows us different, valuable perspectives.'  Whether you are a questioning teen, a teacher or parent looking for advice or anyone wanting to learn the language of respect, this book is an essential guide for you." — (Provided by publisher)