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Being boldly - NOT for everyone


By Dr. Terry Drew Kaaren

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Though they might not admit it, I’m sure you can think of someone in your life who thinks they are just fine, but their actions prove otherwise.

In fact, could that be you? It’s perfectly normal to second guess ourselves from time-to-time. We think, Should I really have said that? Or, Should I have thought twice before doing that?

Entrepreneurs and just about everyone else need to understand very clearly that they are not going to please everyone. We are just not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. For example, I have one particular critic that continues to chide me for the using contractions in my writing. She feels it’s unprofessional. (I’m still trying to get her to understand the difference between blogging and writing for an academic journal!)

More than one time I’ve been chastised – once quite publicly – because I swear occasionally in writing. They obviously don’t know me personally because I can assure you it happens a hellava lot more in person.

For the contraction issue, when I use or don’t use contractions in published writings depends on the intent of the contents, and to whom I’m writing. As far as the limited use of profanity, I quote Bette Midler, who had a perfect line for that. I’ll refrain from printing it here. Suffice it to say my mother would use both my first and middle name to show her dislike!

You are who you are. Accept and work with it. We don’t have to annoy people or swear just to make people raise their eyebrows, in other words, just for the effect of being outrageous. But God (Spirit, Higher Power, Universal Intelligence, whatever!) gets to express Itself uniquely through you – don’t let us miss out! Go forth boldly as you – which is NOT going to be for everyone. And you know what? That’s friggin’ perfect.

Terry is an author, speaker, licensed social worker and flight attendant. He is also the director of Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation.