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Alberta gay-straight alliance fills courtroom


Faith-based schools disagree with ban on telling parents if their children join GSA club. Consequently, dozens of parents and independent faith-based schools are in court trying to get legislation about gay-straight alliances put on hold. A big crowd showed up recently for the first court challenge to an Alberta law barring schools from telling parents if their children join a gay-straight alliance.

A Court of Queen's Bench is hearing an application from faith-based schools and parents to halt the legislation until there's a ruling on its constitutionality. The 50-seat courtroom filled up almost immediately, leaving more than 100 people waiting outside. Many of those attending were wearing buttons that said "include parents."

The opposing parents group calls gay-straight alliances "ideological sexual clubs" that make graphic information on gay sex available. The Alberta government and others have argued that schools shouldn't inform parents if their children join the peer groups because there is the potential to "out" them to guardians who may not be accepting.