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Take Graffiti home

A wave of love

Hey there! I'm Graffiti! Forget all those silly superstitions about black cats! We aren't bad luck and we definitely aren't evil! Especially me! I'm sweeter than a Hershey Kiss and more fun than barrel of catnip mice! I love to hide in cat cubes, boxes, and anything enclosed. Then I pop out like a jack-in-the-box! Want to maximize your bond with me? Try interactive play! Shake the crinkle feather toy or dangle the mouse on a string and into the air I'll fling! I am full of feline magnetism and can dazzle and captivate any human's heart. Although my age is five, I still have kittenish ways (without the kitten frenzies) and I don't look a day over six months old! I roll around on the floor, my way of sending you a special love greeting. I will gladly exchange soft nudges and kisses for a home where I can live, safe,secure, and happy, with joy to get and give! So come in soon to meet this little black "ninja" who will knock you over with a wave of love! We belong together--like Halloween and candy! Click here to open your heart and home.