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As the US Supreme Court is poised to determine how queer issues will be treated under the law for what could be the remainder of my life, we have professional, Evangelical Christians and an Orthodox … more
There is same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania. But not because the Legislature wanted to join the 21st Century and make it so. After the US Supreme Court’s June 26, 2015 ruling requiring states … more
When I learned that professional Christian and former Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis may have to pay $225,000 for denying gay couples marriages licenses in her capacity as an … more
Clichés aside, there are many worthwhile New Year’s Resolutions to be made. Big picture items include the increased and continuous deaths of … more
Crazy-makers, like President Donald Trump, are energized by their whirlwind nonsense. Normal people are fatigued. Tediously high-maintenance individuals cannot stop themselves. … more
Editor's Note: Central Voice is publishing the following editorial, provided by the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association, to address attacks on journalists as "enemy of the American people." A free and … more
A good trade policy is like beauty – in the eye of the beholder. Although thoughtful people can, do, and should disagree, let’s remember there was a time when elected officials "led" … more
By Frank Pizzoli When the anti-LGBT backlash began with President Donald Trump’s campaign and eventual swearing in, I pitched to a friend what I called ‘a politically incorrect’ … more
Publishing is difficult. Social change is more difficult. In this issue, you will read about “queering” racial justice. The story is based on a local panel … more
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