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Grimsby, cool name, huh? It is a seaport town in England and a song by Elton John! Well, I AM waiting for my ship to come in! I am a gentle, warmhearted, marmalade love-bug who gives the BEST … more
My name is Ursula, and I have a cute gray patch under my chin and an adorable gray smudge by my nose. Don't you just want to scratch my chin and pepper my nose with kisses? I'm an adult female … more
Who's your favorite pop Diva? Beyonce? Mariah Carey? Christina Aguilera? Well, meet Little Diva, the prettiest feline diva of all! more
MIB ... protecting the earth from the rodents of the universe. That's me, Morton in Black, Agent 15580085! When I'm not defending the world against all things alien, I am a mega-loving lap cat who … more
"Oldies but Goodies" -- don't we all love to hear them? Well, I'm Sneezy Bo Beezy and I'm like those oldies but goodies! I'm a little older than some of the other cats, but always awesome and … more
Styles are always changing, but long-haired cats are ALWAYS in vogue! I'm Valencia, a Spanish name , but I have a French style of fur called Ombre. My luxurious locks start with black then gradually … more
Hi! That handsome gentleman in the pictures is me -- Bing Clawsby! Sound familiar? I'm the namesake of the crooner/swooner famous for the song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". I'm a … more
Oh, what a big shy galumph of a cat Frigid (or Charlie) is! We can't blame him -- he had a nice home all his life, but his owner recently passed away, and remaining family members had allergies. So, … more
Jerah's the name! I'm a two-year-old tabby with lots of white. I'm a young adult female, and I've had a home all my life (with my pal Jesse James, also up for adoption). My owner recently … more
Remember the characters in those magical books by "J.K. Growling?" Hairy Pawter? Hermione Ginger? Ron Fleasly? He's my favorite character because he has "ginger" hair too! I think I was named … more
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