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Hi! The little lady in those pictures is me--Bostyn! People say I look like Grumpy Cat! Well, there may be a slight resemblance, but my face is not smushed in and I think I'm WAY prettier than her! … more
Hey there! I'm Graffiti! Forget all those silly superstitions about black cats! We aren't bad luck and we definitely aren't evil! Especially me! more
Look at beautiful Gummy. Wow. She is a senior female tabby who was abandoned here at the shelter. Did she have a home? Was she a stray? Hard to know. Gummy is shy and needs a quiet home with lots … more
WARNING! A shark has been spotted at the shelter! Nurse Shark the cat, that is! I have NO characteristics of a shark, except some sharp teeth! Speaking of fish, I am called a MACKEREL tabby … more
Hi all, my name is Monroe. I'm a bit shy at first. I can be a still as a statue sometimes when I'm not sure of what is going on. It just takes me a little bit of time to feel comfortable, but once I … more
Hi, I'm Punkie Fortuna but you can just call me Punkie. I've had a rough go the past few weeks, I was hit by a car, but a nice lady found me and took me to see a vet and I even got ex-rays! I did … more
I'm the shy and sleepy senior gal who goes by Tubolita. I'm not sure I want to be called a senior -- I was probably born in 2012, which puts me at 5 years old. But I've also been a stray, and life's … more
Hey there! I'm Jasper Jones, JJ for short. No Red Bull or Rock Star drink needed for me - I'm the caffeinated cat! I have LOTS of energy, so maybe I … more
Hey friends of Italy and history -- how about adopting me, a cool cat named Rubicon? My name refers to the river in Italy that Julius Caesar crossed on his conquest. These days, "crossing the … more
My name is Ursula, and I have a cute gray patch under my chin and an adorable gray smudge by my nose. Don't you just want to scratch my chin and pepper my nose with kisses? I'm an adult female … more
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