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Alder Health Services'

Support group's meetings

Alder Health Services, Harrisburg and Lancaster sponsor twice a month meetings for individuals living with HIV provided by Alder Health Services of Harrisburg and Lancaster. The Open Spaces …

In heart of Gayborhood

Celebration at AIDS Library of Phila

The AIDS Library of Philadelphia is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Nation's first AIDS Library. A celebration noting the placement of an historic marker is planned Tuesday, October 3, …

Statewide day of wood walks

Oct. 1 - walk in Penn's woods

Sunday, October 1, is a statewide day of woods walks in Pennsylvania. Walk in Penn’s Woods aims to get people out to enjoy the woods, and to learn about how these woods work for us – from …

HRC Rising campaign includes PA

Grass roots battles Trump-Pence agenda

In an new offensive against the Trump-Spence agenda, including Pennsylvania - The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has announced a bold, proactive grassroots expansion with the launch of HRC …

A survey down under

Same sex marriage forms

Survey forms asking Australians whether they support same-sex marriage are being distributed and analyzed. The Australian Bureau of Statistics is aiming to get the forms out to 16 million voters …

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE - Back to activist school?

With Fall here and schools opening doors again, is it time for us to go back to activist school? Or advocate or ally school or whatever activity sharpens your social justice …

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Take Jou Jou home

I'm the little lady for you

My name is Jou Jou, which means "magical object" in some African cultures. Why am I so magical? Well, first of all, I'm a female orange tabby, and that's rare. (Most orange tabbies are male...it's an …

I read banned books


Remembering journalists who covered AIDS

Bringing AIDS epidemic out of the closet

The LGBT Community Center in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village was filled with stories, laughs and a few tears on June 23 as current journalists honored editors and reporters who committed their …

Sept. 1, 2017

Notes from our readers

HUGELY HELPFUL Thank you so much for your support of the LGBT Community Center of Central Pennsylvania. The service you provide has been hugely helpful to the center. Megan E. Peterson, MS, …

When actions speak louder than words


By Dr. Terry Drew Kaaren Have you notice how many requests you’re getting for donations or financial aid via email and letters to your home? Two major hurricanes, wild fires, worldwide …

The Law and you

Expunging your criminal record

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, nearly one in three adult Americans has a criminal record.  In Pennsylvania, those records are publicly available and can …