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BREAKING NEWS: Our Guv creates statewide LGBTQ Affairs Commission

LGBT Leaders Call For Boycott Alaska Airlines

Move or get off our airplane

Nationwide, LGBT leaders are speaking out against Alaska Airlines following discrimination against a gay couple on a flight from New York City to Los Angeles Sun., July 29.

CVS apologizes, fires pharmacist

Trans woman refused hormone prescription

When Hilde Hall walked into her local CVS in Fountain Hills, AZ, to fill her first prescription for hormone therapy, the pharmacist refused her service, reports Bil Browning for LGBT Nation. …

Op-Ed about House Bill 861

Proposed law will strip away LGBTQ+ rights

The PA State House recently held a hearing on House Bill 861, which if it were to become law, would preempt workplace-related ordinances in Pennsylvania enacted since January 1, 2015. That may sound …

Ruling against catholic social services' suit

Fed Judge: Yo Phila - OK to refuse same-sex couple

Zack Ford reports for Think Progress that a federal judge has ruled against Catholic Social Services (CSS), which sued the city of Philadelphia over its purported right to refuse service to …


He helped hide Pride flag in plain sight; detained for 15 hrs.

A gay man who helped to hide the Pride flag in plain sight in Russia was detained for 15 hours. Colombian Mateo Fernandez, who works in advertising in Paris, flew to Moscow on 29 …

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PA Rep Brian Sims alleges

There are 12+ closeted PA legislators?

Bil Browning reports for LGBT Nation that PA State Rep. Brian Sims may be the state’s first out legislator, but he says he’s definitely not the first gay lawmaker. In fact, he says he …

Open your heart and home

Give Hamm a chance at life

Hi, I'm Hamm, just like that beloved wise-cracking piggy bank in "Toy Story". I'm the cutest little pork chop with a little Mr. Potato Head whiskerstache! Who says whiskerstaches can't be dainty and …

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Pennsylvania has been prioritized!

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Trump's attempt to roll back gains for LGBT Americans

Standing up for America’s LGBT elders

 Older LGBT Americans continue to pave the way for equality. They display perseverance and courage regardless of the obstacles, they fight against discrimination and stand up …

Homophobes and transphobes

TransCentralPA Topics

Frankly, as I listen to the continuing bigoted rhetoric uttered by the homophobes and the transphobes out there, especially those that claim any patch of moral or religious high …

It's Pride Season

What can we learn from Stonewall?

It’s Pride season, marked by the festivals, flags and social media frames - and lots of opportunities to be out and proud celebrating who we are. I love this season, and it’s a reminder …


You’re smug, I’m not

By Trum Simmons A recent column in The New York Times was headlined “Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think.” While many liberals are very smart, the writer said, “they …

Truth, Integrity and Lying by Omission

Making Sense of Life

By Dr. Terry Drew Kaaren Are you a trust worthy person? I’m sure you probably are. I sincerely believe people usually do the right thing when it comes to honesty. But, are there trust issues …